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4 years of Success with More to Come

March marks my 4th year as the Member for Manly (the length of a normal term in state parliament). 4 years since the by-election and I am happy to look back and reflect on what has been an exciting period of time. To put some perspective into what can happen in 4 years; Donald Trump has come and gone as the President of the United States, Opal cards have been rolled out, a new Metro has been built, the Invictus Games rolled into Sydney (and Prince Harry was still a Royal), single use plastic bags were still commonly available in supermarkets, we’ve had another state-wide election in 2019 and I celebrated the birth of my two children in that time. And that does not even include all that happened last year!

A new MP’s inaugural speech is an important manifesto of vision and goals for the local area. It might have been unconventional, but I set out a variety of policy promises in my speech. These included securing funding for local organisations to support the vulnerable and voiceless, upgrading Brookie Oval, redeveloping the North Head Hospital site, continuing investment in our schools and local groups like Community Northern Beaches, and supporting local families being among some of my commitments from day 1. I also wanted to highlight both veteran welfare and our local environment as key areas at the centre of my focus in parliament.

I’m proud to currently serve as NSW Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment and Veterans. I’ve delivered on local promises like cleaning up Curl Curl Lagoon, supporting Cabbage Tree Bay as a marine reserve and improving access to Manly Dam and North Head parklands. It has been an honour to support veterans in our community and across the state as Parliamentary Secretary and I continue that work with organisations like Soldier On, the Veterans Centre Northern Beaches, and the RSL.

For each of the commitments made in my speech on day one, the NSW Government has:

- Funded and commenced construction of the upgrades at Brookvale Oval,

- Funded the Youth Hospice on the North Head site, providing a space for young people with terminal illness from across NSW to receive respite and care,

- Found a new home for Community Northern Beaches on Raglan Street in Manly,

- And upgraded 3 of our local schools at Manly Vale, Harbord and Curl Curl North Public School.

By far and away, the greatest part of the job has been meeting the thousands of volunteers, community groups and selfless individuals who are the beating heart of our community. Week in week out, our community groups and volunteer organisations do the most amazing work.

I’ve got a long list of projects to continue delivering. All projects that improve our community. Undoubtedly, there’s still more to do locally and over the next few years as we turn a period of adversity in 2020 into an era of opportunity. There are exciting developments we can look forward to as the Youth Hospice is completed, construction of the upgraded Manly Wharf gets underway and we rebuild our local tourism economy.

It’s been an honour these last four years to serve as your local member and I’ll continue delivering outcomes for Manly.

Follow James' work and get in touch with him here: www.jamesgriffinmp.com


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