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Crimewatch: On the Beat, Issue 3, Feb 2021

Updated: Mar 27

Delwood Beach Assault

On a peaceful and balmy Sunday afternoon, the idyllic setting of Delwood Beach played host to a vicious assault on a 26year old man, struck in the back of the head after an altercation with what is believed to have been four men. Officers from Northern Beaches Police Area Command and NSW Ambulance paramedics found the man crashed to the ground and suffering head injuries. He was rushed to Royal North Shore Hospital where he required emergency surgery. At the time of going to print, the man remains in a critical condition. Delwood Beach is a very popular place and despite often being crowded, it’s known far and wide for its tranquillity. Contenders for the loudest usual disturbance will usually be a contest between a squawking seagull desperate to pilfer some hot chips versus a crying bub unable to contain their emotions after their poorly constructed sandcastle tumbles. It’s near impossible to imagine such a savage attack could’ve taken place in broad daylight without several witnesses. Please, if you can help detectives in their investigation with any information at all, contact police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Pent-Up Youths Running Wild

There’s no doubt that 2020’s Covid lockdowns have created the worst possible conditions to be a delinquent since Kylie Minogue’s 1989 feature film debut, but Beaches’ residents are up in arms with the post-Covid phenomenon whereby swathes of youths descend upon public places with reckless abandon the moment the sun goes down. Displaying no respect whatsoever for the community, routinely smashing glass bottles, blasting music full bore, yelling obscenities, and unashamedly peacocking when not cutting each other’s grass, it seems like only last year, because it was, that the pre-Covid world allowed for our Insular Peninsula enclave to successfully export this public nuisance problem to Surfers Paradise where our precocious teens indulged in maniacal one week revelry intensives, returning home refreshed, recharged, pregnant or in urgent need of a Clinic 16 appointment to attend to horrific, post-party, pants-based repercussions. Those glory days of interstate problem shifting are over. We’re now stuck with pent-up youths running amok on our doorstep all silly season long, and no one knows what can be done to solve the problem besides, of course, opening up nightclub dance floors so we can all once more blame it on the boogie.

This Ain’t No Seal Clubbing Club!

Following on closely from the above problems with juvenile dropkicks, Reg the Seal, the Peninsula’s favourite pinniped who can’t decide if he wants to call Manly or Dee Why home, may think twice about having a nap anywhere near The Strand again. Only months after an unhinged canine tried to mow him down during an afternoon sun bake at Long Reef, Reg caught a bit of shuteye at Dee Why’s foreshore only for some moronic louts to try to sneak up on him and give him a belting. Reg is a top bloke though and has told the Tawny all’s forgiven, no hard feelings, provided his attackers shout him a family serving of fish and chips, hold the lemon.

New Year, New Phone

The Tawny reader response of generosity to last month’s story of an innocent boy’s phone being smashed on a Wednesday afternoon bus ride has been fantastic. Thanks to the kindness of Beaches’ residents, the young man has a new phone and $100 in credit to kickstart his 2021. Thank you so much.


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