• Inspector Con Vikshun

Crimewatch: On the Beat, Issue 2, Jan 2021

Updated: Mar 27

Hail to the Bus Driver and the Courageous Samaritans

2:30pm on a Wednesday afternoon, a bus travelling from Chatswood to Manly picked up a group of 14year old boys near Balgowlah Boys High, all eager to get down to Manly Beach and enjoy the afternoon. Once on board, a man allegedly approached one of the boys sitting on the back seat of the bus, slapping him across the head, unprovoked, before pushing another innocent teen, knocking the kid’s new Samsung A51 mobile to the ground and smashing it to pieces. Concerned passengers began to shout and scream at the man, “Leave the kids alone!” The quick-thinking bus driver kept his cool, notifying Manly Police he’d be diverting from his route to drive straight to Belgrave Street so they could arrest the commuter far too volatile and dangerous to simply be let loose on the streets. Meanwhile, with the situation far from cooled down, a courageous Samaritan took it upon himself to stand between the boy whose phone had been smashed, the hostile passenger and the bus’s back glass exit door which he was angling to knock down and jump off via. A tense ride to the cop shop ensued, with the praiseworthy passengers remaining calm, vigilant and able to keep the aggressive man both confined as well as not attack anyone else. Once at Manly Police station, a passenger raced inside to notify police who promptly arrested the man. He was due to face Manly Local Court on Wednesday 9 December however this was delayed and at the time of Tawny printing the case is unresolved. Heartbreakingly, the 14year old whose new mobile phone was smashed had been saving his pennies for over a year, working any odd job and performing every possible chore he could in order to make his first ever “grown up purchase.” The police can’t guarantee that even if the man is found guilty, that he’ll have to repay the boy for damages.

Please, if any Tawny readers have a smart phone, a Samsung A51 ideally, that they’d like to gift this hardworking innocent teen- ager, please contact liam@thetawnyfrogmouth.com.au and let’s make sure he has a Merry Christmas.

The Class of 2020. Photo credit: NSW Police

The Magnificent Seven Join the Peninsula A Team It’s a great privilege to welcome seven new colleagues from the Class of 2020 to the Northern Beaches Command. Our Peninsula Police Officers put their lives at risk for the safety of the community and must deal professionally with any issue that presents itself day in, day out. We’re very lucky to have you. The Tawny thanks you for your service and rests certain the new recruits are fervent Sea Eagles supporters, have been instructed on the best ways to prevent tap-nose from wreak- ing havoc with prolonged runny sinuses should they ever go for a brisk surf before work, and that the Magnificent Seven have been comprehensively informed to go easy on Inspector Con Vikshun should he ever get a little lippy after a late night Old Manly Boatshed dance floor demolition.

An Almost Great Escape Sunday arvo revellers at Manly’s ‘The Office’ were witness to a stupendously intoxicated young woman’s lightning speed and light-footed dexterity as she easily outran several security staff whose dedication to bench press- ing over cardio was starkly apparent. The whippet in the white dress turned East Esplanade into an impromptu racetrack following a misdemeanour within Wharf Bar’s Covid-safe confines. Luckily for the security guards keeled over, sucking in the big ones and sweating profusely, Flash Gordon’s daughter decided to give herself in for reasons unknown. She is likely to face a slew of charges including public drunkenness, resisting arrest and breaking Manly’s strict 30km/hr speed limit.

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