• Harry Rekas

Dispatch from Covid Ground- Zero, Victoria

"...when a man becomes a politician there is but one object in his life, and that is to "get there". To accomplish that object he would see friend, foe and principle die the death with equal equanimity."—Hugh O. Pentecost, 1889

Down here in Melbourne, we are suffering. It is hard, less so because we have to bear the brunt of measures, more so because there is no one to trust anymore. Trust has become a dirty word. No one seems able to get it right. Between the neighbour that dobs in absolutely anything untoward, the staff member who continues to go to work after symptoms, the Covid positive person who chooses not to share their whereabouts to contact tracers out of fear for a fine, there is little wonder this got out of control.

We live in one of the most secretive states in Australia.

Patronising and condescending, our premier takes to vilifying others for his failure. He sends in police to make an example of you. Like the young pregnant woman posting her views online, know that government Stasi will find you, handcuff you, break down your door, taser you if need be, all with absolute precision. Yet he knows nothing about decisions made that resulted in hundreds of deaths. None of 'them' know or remember anything - a cluster-f*ck of amnesiacs. After assuring everyone that he's not a liar, he refuses to answer any more questions pertaining to any accountability.

“The strategy is working”, said ad nauseum at his pressers, is not a ‘strategy’ but rather a desperate measure. A strategy would imply an understanding that out of millions of people it is impossible for all of them to “make the right decisions” – something that must be accounted for but wholly isn't. A strategy would mean you've listened to world health bodies warning about preparedness for this coming event (not unprecedented) but you didn't. You undermined the systems needed, then you pretend to take your advice from health experts. You pretend it’s about ‘saving lives, not politics’ but you have no problem taking hundreds of thousands in donations from the pokies lobby that has destroyed countless lives. You've undermined the corruption watch dog that would see politicians taken to task for their wrongdoing. If you were subjected to the same 'rules' and 'laws' as any other citizen, you, your office, your ilk would all be in prison way before all this happened.

Lock down has been mild for some and for others a complete nightmare. But for the political class, it's business as usual. As the saying goes, the manky and the spineless shall inherit the Earth, the way they always have.


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