• Johnny Baylis

If It’s Trending, Manly Drones Will be Descending

5, 4, 3, 2, 1... @manly_drone are GO! Tucked away on a secret island off the coast of Manly, lies the hidden base of the secretive Manly Drones, or as they’re known in photography circles, ‘Photography Rescue’.

Photo credit: Matt Connor @manly_drone

Formed by the Tracey Family in 2020, Manly Drones exists for two reasons. Firstly, rescuing photographers trapped at the base of waterfalls and alike. And secondly, providing the multitude of emerging ‘Online News Sites’ product to accompany their stories. The head of this mysterious organisation is no puppet and Mr Tracey assured me he’s the ‘Brain’ behind its success.

Aided by technologically-advanced land, sea and air drones, aptly named Thunderbirds 1 through 5, these rotary angels are called into action whenever conventional photography methods prove ineffective. “In a world where photographers are pushing the limits and fast dissemination of product is vital, our Thunderbirds are your safety net,” say Mr Tracey. “We can be on scene anywhere and shooting frames quicker than the barista pumping out your half strength activated soy latte at Girdlers.”

The Shutter Priority knows Manly Drones are the best. Whether it’s saving our native animals from a North Head bushfire, confirming the existence of the Weedy Sea Dragon (now apparently the chief pilot of the submarine Thunderbird 4) or protecting the Manly Ferries from its mortal enemy, Manly Drones are F.A.B! “No one’s pulling our strings,” continued Mr Tracey. “But if it’s trending on the Northern Beaches, Mum’s Facebook page we’ll be descending for sure.”


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