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Kelly Slater’s Essential Snapper

Local teenager & surf photographer Byron McLoughlin has come a long way since picking

up an ancient Nikon 3300 in year 8 art class. While your average teenager is taking photos of local architecture, Byron’s surf photography has shot him straight to the top of the class.

“You can’t get a more interactive learning environment than a surf break,” explains Byron. “Between getting pitted by a rogue wave or speared by a 5’9 fibreglass missile, you can’t afford to make mistakes.” Byron’s recent mastery of Northy’s workable left handers has given local surfers an edge. “My images are so clear, really anyone can pick their line into the pit,” says Byron. “It’s the flawless path to a perfect 10.”

Photo: @byronetmedia

‘Anyone’ now includes 11x world champ Kelly Slater & the majority of the World Surf League, who were so impressed with Byron’s images they just had to have him in the water for the upcoming WSL event. But high school attendance policies are harder to navigate these days than a South Curl Curl rip. Bryon had to find an excuse to skip school better than the gold standard set in the epic 1980’s film, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

“A group of us Surfers got together & just wrote the kid a note”, explains Mr Slater. “Dear Principal Skinner, Byron will be absent from school next week cause this gnarly kid’s gonna be studying aquatic biometrics at the university of North Narrabeen. We’ll also need him later next month in Hawaii where he’ll be studying dentistry at JAWS. We promise he’ll do all his homework too. Hang Ten, Team Slater”

The Shutter Priority also has important advice for kids wanting to follow in Byron’s wake. Stay between the flags until you’re on a first name basis with the jet ski crew.

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