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Letters to The Tawny Frogmouth: Issue 2, Jan 21

Updated: Feb 13

Thank you... thank you... ... so much for giving us back The Manly Daily, but in a much better shape, format, sense of humour (loved the quirky, cheeky star signs!) and depth and scope of articles. May you be very successful!

Britta Huttel

Unsolicited mail

I am more likely to engage with digital publications and hate to see the waste associated with paper delivery. What stickers on letterboxes will your delivery team recognise to avoid dropping a copy into the letterbox?



Wow...Just had a look through the first Tawny Frogmouth, specifically Crimewatch (because it said 'Danger, Satire!') And giggled of course but was very wary as I thought the clever writing might only be a few lines. But it was not! And onto Property... Then I read your G'day Beaches and it all made sense. Thank you, whoever you are in your TISM mask, I will eagerly await each printed colour magazine in my mailbox. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New 2021!


Funny Business

What a fantabulous magazine! No one does funny anymore. Cheers and congratulations.

Jules, Dee Why

Seal of Disapproval Article

I was looking forward to receiving The Tawny Frogmouth this week and getting stuck into some new alternative forward-thinking journalism.

I was extremely disappointed then to read Liam’s tirade against dog owners in the Seal of Disapproval article. By choosing to describe one isolated incident In such a way you have proven you are completely out of touch with your readership and are clearly not from the area if you have no idea how much Northern Beaches residents love their dogs.

Might I suggest an interview with the folks over at Pittwater Unleashed in your next issue? They might be able to educate you and your readers on what is really going on for pet owners on the beaches.


Ownership concerns

What's with the Dan Andrews smear piece!? This isn't Melbourne? Is Rupert behind this 'magazine'?

Hang Loose Johnny Douche (via Facebook)

Congratulations on your first issue

I was very pleased to see that you have enlisted Paige Turner as your literary reviewer. I am hoping you can convince Penny Wise to join you as the Finance Editor, or if she is not available perhaps Price Wright or Owen Paylater. You might also consider asking Al Fresco or V. L. Parmigiana to write about dining, Matt Finnish to hints for home decorating, Delia Goodhand for bridge, Marion Haste or Marius Quigley for wedding advice and last but not least Hayden Zeke and Gideon Swings with handy hints on how to keep children amused.

Jerry Perkins, Seaforth

Vote Tony Out

I was reading your first edition and came across your reference to my Vote Tony Out campaign. I was interested in your comment about the campaign being ‘negative’. From my side of things, the campaign was never set up as a negative one. It was more about getting people to have a conversation about Tony Abbott and his suitability to truly represent Warringah. Before Zali entered the election race VTO had amassed some 10,000+ patrons in Warringah. I has sold 6,000 T-Shirts, given away thousands of stickers abs shopping bags, personally delivering over 2,500 of the TShirts. VTO had received a lot of press and media coverage. 5 SMH frontages and many other articles and some TV interviews. Remember at this stage we didn’t have a candidate. I was just building a platform.

From that platform it easy to galvanise people behind Zali. On the morning of her announcement I sent 650 text messages to people who lives close by to let them know VTO was endorsing Zali. I invited them to her announcement in North Harbour reserve. 400 people turned up with 4hours notice. She became our champion and the rest is history. VTO is a great case study for grass roots democracy, it was a truly honest campaign something I will forever be proud of.

Mark Kelly

The Tawny Frogmouth

We have just received the much welcomed first edition of the Tawny Frogmouth. Congratulations! We particularly liked the articles on the Aquariums and the Tawny Frogmouth! What I didn’t like were the 5 pages devoted to Zali Steggall - 4 1/2th pages too many in my opinion - and the negative article on Dan Andrews. It would be a great pity if this publication became driven by politics and would I’m sure turn a lot of people off if it did. Ban negativity. As me old mum would say, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything”! I really would like to see a piece on the Nextdoor App which has been a wonderful community initiative doing so much good for the neighbourhood.

Paul Stevenson, Seaforth

Manly Ferries

The Freshwater Ferry is an icon of Manly and Sydney harbour. I was elected to fight for Manly. That is why I’m campaigning, against my own Government, to retain more than one Freshwater Class ferry. I welcome the Government's decision to retain one ferry, but one simply won't do. Unfortunately, between 2017 and 2019 the number of people catching the Freshwater Class ferry to and from Manly has dropped by around 15 per cent. Numbers aren’t much better on the weekend with average weekend patronage dropping around 12 per cent.

Those sad statistics however are not good enough reason to keep only one Freshwater Ferry. Although as much as we love to look at them, we should catch them too! During the average morning peak the number of people on the Freshwater Class ranges from around 30 first thing in the morning at 6am, to around 280 at its busiest at 8am. For a boat that can carry 1100 people, that’s not great. Outside of the busier periods in December and January, you rarely see more than 400 customers on board a Manly ferry.

Let there be no doubt, the Freshwater Class ferry is a rite of passage for generations of Northern Beaches people, and it should remain so. The appeal of our grand old Freshwater Class to tourists should not be underestimated and is an important element of our tourism trade. More can be done however to increase how much money visitors spend once they get to Manly as it is dangerously well below the Sydney average and has been for many years. What we need to do is strike a balance between the grand old slow boats and a more frequent commuter service to encourage people back on to the Ferries!

Over 300 more services will be added to the F1 Manly timetable each week - an increase of around 67 percent by introducing the Emerald Class Monday through Friday. These more frequent services will hopefully encourage more people to use public transport and the ferry service. At the same time, we should be retaining more than one boat for weekends, public holidays and busier times of the year.

That’s what I’m campaigning for. That’s what I hope to deliver. Importantly, the newer green and gold Emerald boats also have 140 outdoor seats, bike racks, wi-fi and disability access. They’re also far more environmentally friendly than the old Freshwater vessels. Let’s get the balance right. Save more than one Freshwater Class ferry and provide more frequency for our commuters.

I'm telling my Government to listen to the people and retain more than one Freshwater Ferry to service our famous Manly to Circular Quay route.

James Griffin MP, Member for Manly


We were absolutely surprised and delighted to receive the first edition of “Frogmouth”!!

Since the Murdoch press killed off The Manly Daily, we have been starved of local news - and yet the Mosman Daily is still printed and delivered? Like many, I object to being forced to subscribe to the Daily Telegraph to get the online version of the Manly Daily. We miss being kept informed about happenings on the Northern Beaches and The Daily’s letters pages were always interesting reading. One personal impact was that I could not place an obituary for my dear brother Peter who was widely known and loved along the Northern Beaches.

In response to Liam Carroll’s laudatory story about James Griffin, may I remind folks that James was Deputy Lord Mayor when Manly Council, behind closed doors, approved the “mega-costly debacle” of the Manly Oval carpark and Whistler St. development.

All ratepayers on the Northern Beaches are still paying for that fiasco and now James is supporting the “retirement” of all but one Manly Ferry. Tony Abbott was likewise out of touch with this electorate.

I hope your mag becomes a forum for lively discussion about local issues and I look forward to receiving “Frogmouth” regularly. Congratulations and may you prosper!

Bill Windred, Manly

NB Tunnel

In the Tawny’s interview with MP James Griffin the subject of the Northern Beaches Link didn’t come up. We desperately need an alternative, quick route to the city and lower north shore to avoid the gridlock, waste of time and resources, and the creation of pollution as a result of all having to funnel onto Spit Bridge and labour up Spit Hill as our only link to the city. The personal and environmental costs of these hold-ups must be considerable. The Northern Beaches Link (NBL), if it actually happens, must have ample capacity for clean (electric) public transport options. It seems that the Northern Beaches gets thrown mere crumbs of state-funding as we are seen as a safe ‘blue-ribbon’ area. The long proposed NBL appears to be a mirage or at least way down the list of government priorities. Completion dates seem to be fluid at best.

The tunnel was not even mentioned in the last recent state budget and the funding is absolutely minimal compared with what gets thrown at the western suburbs for transport and infrastructure with their light rail and fast city links. This lack of funding appears to be because the western suburbs consist of marginal seats unlike here. It is tempting to think the state government assumes they can take our NB votes for granted and that we’ll never question why we end up with no government largesse here (let’s not mention the pork-barrelling recently in the news).

It would be nice if we were valued as much as other areas of NSW. We don’t like being ignored. We need sustainable and modern infrastructure to make our transport system efficient now and into the future. Has the Link been quietly removed from future planning?

J Bell, North Curl Curl

New Magazine

Is it possible for your magazine to be delivered further north on the peninsula?


The Danger Zone

Make the “Danger Satire” signs bigger because the blind bat I live with was getting all outraged about those stories until I pointed it out. Keep up the good work, love the humour. Paige Turner, Fairlight


Thanks Liam for taking the initiative to create a new magazine for the Northern Beaches as we sorely miss the Manly Daily. The Tawny Frogmouth articles were informative & covered a wide range of subjects of interest to locals. A local paper or magazine creatives community pride & provides valuable information about our local area & people. Well done it’s a great contribution to our community.

Sue Johnson

Dunny Business

Reading Inspector Con Vikshun’s report about NSW Police’s ‘A Tree is not a Toilet’ campaign got me thinking. One of the excuses cited by perpetrators of public peeing was the sorry state of affairs at the Manly Wharf carpark crappers and I couldn’t agree more. Manly Wharf management could easily provide a user-friendly toiletry facility on street level for the myriad visitors to our shores and yet they chase ever more chain restaurant leases while turning a blind eye to the everyday punter’s need to descend two flights of stairs to a blue light graffiti-covered toilet block where one must master the act of keeping your pants up around your calves mid-shit to avoid the piss on the floor and then complete the job by wiping your tush with a variety of “toilet paper” that a surfboard ding repairer would marvel at for sanding back shards of razor sharp fibreglass. This woeful commitment to adequate public toilets is not confined to Manly Wharf either. Gilbert Park’s dunnies have been missing a door for God only knows how long. Going number 2’s at South Steyne Surf Club is about as enjoyable as navigating Dante’s inferno and to really get the engine running, there’s nothing quite like walking to the far end of “The Office” to enjoy the stank of every outdoor grog monster’s Portaloo ablutions on a balmy summer arvo. Come on Council, we deserve some decent dunnies! Otherwise rest assured that a tree very much is a toilet to the busting masses that descend upon Manly.

Adrian Boothman, Manly

Thank you

I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome new magazine we found in our letterbox. I was so sad when the Manly Daily stopped its local free delivery and I felt so out of touch with the local community which is so important to us. Thank you so much for filling the gap and bringing this publication to our letterboxes. We really appreciate your effort and wanted you to know how grateful we are.

Mary-Anne Addington

Balgowlah Bus Debacle

With no community engagement or risk assessment, Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is putting children’s lives at risk by deciding to run peak high frequency bus services straight through the quiet residential streets of North Balgowlah and Seaforth. These changes are due to occur on the 20th December when everyone least expects it. Merry Christmas!

Local residents are angry and concerned there will be significant increases in incidents and injuries, and they’ll be saddled with longer commutes and reduced accessibility via the removal of key local, Express City and North Sydney bound services that have been servicing the community for up to 4 decades.

The major concern is the additional risk placed upon pedestrians and children who use the local areas. The adoption of an existing local bus route, that already poses significant safety risks, illustrates the incompetence of some desk jockey’s desperate attempt to add value. The question needs to be asked - how can TfNSW justify these changes given the evidence put forward by concerned local residents looking to retain the status quo?

The lack of community engagement and timing of these changes demonstrates TfNSW’s arrogance and contempt for communities they are meant to represent.

Despite many attempts to engage with TfNSW locals have received little but lip service and we hear our local Council and MP has similarly been left in the dark. Local residents need others to come forward and help. We’d very much appreciate the broader Tawny’s readership support.

Marsh Denning, Balgowlah

The Tawny invites the people of the Beaches to send in letters to mail@thetawnyfrogmouth.com.au

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