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Letters to The Tawny Frogmouth: Issue 5, May 21

Beaches Tunnel

In response to Malcolm Fisher’s story in issue 04 April 2021: Firstly, I’m glad Malcolm isn’t my financial advisor as heavy industries like cheap land and rent. Why build a factory on the most expensive land in Sydney when it’s cheaper out west. Secondly, the Parkway/Freeway/Tollway has been in planning since the 1950’s. And the current RMS can’t make Mona Vale Rd 6 lanes now so what makes Malcolm think burnt bridge will be 12 lanes wide? And as for the exhaust stacks, I’d prefer a stack over ground lever discharges, as happens now. Malcolm doesn’t want trucks, but he still wants goods and produce and consumables at the shops. I think Malcolm is a nimby. I really hope The Frogmouth isn’t one-sided regarding the Beaches Tunnel. Let pro and con tunnel have a say.


The Tunnel Proposal

As I was dropped off at my North Balgowlah home last night, I asked the driver, who lives close by, what they thought of the Tunnel proposal. Their response was, "What Tunnel?" It then struck me that many people are still unaware of this proposal even though it is in their "backyard." When a property close to mine applies for a Development Application for, say, a new swimming pool, I receive a letter from the Council alerting me to the Application giving links and submission closing dates. Nothing like this occurred for this major project. Only by chance did I become aware that the 11,000 page Environmental Impact Statement had been released and was able to lodge a submission despite the portal crashing. It is too hard to summarise the impacts of this proposal. My advice to people now is to go to; www.viabletransportsolutions.com.au and click on the Webinar link. Submissions from individuals and organisations can also be found including the excellent Balgowlah North Public School submission. The time for formal submissions has closed. Our chance to understand the impacts of this proposal and to contact local and state representatives still remains.

Shona McKenzie

It Really Has Gone to the Dogs

Thanks for your April issue letter Marie (Response to Johnny's Seal of Disapproval: January edition). Pleased to read that I'm not alone with the frustrations of irresponsible dog owners, which, going on all evidence, is most of them. We are all now putting up with a symphony of barking as the standard background noise in our medium density communities and if I don't step in a neglected turd on my walk to the beach, I will almost certainly have to pick up a dropped plastic bag containing one. The dog owners have such little consideration or respect for others that they even use gravestones at the Manly cemetery for storing their pets water bottles and poo bags. These are the final resting places for loved ones, no matter how long ago they might have left us, and not a dog park, or a rubbish bin. I know what the problem is: people buy dogs like they buy a new phone, not realising it involves taking on a heap of responsibility and work, like walking twice a day. Unfortunately, I don't know what the solution is. Perhaps with more people brave enough to raise the negatives of rampant dog ownership in high to medium density communities, Council might reconsider how offenders might be addressed. Hopefully the fad will pass.

Mark, Fairlight

Response to Marie’s 'Dog Disapproval': April edition

Marie (letters, Issue 4) seems upset at all dog owners, even those who are responsible. Nobody would condone irresponsible dog ownership, but may I remind Marie that, given that every single day I walk with my dog (always on a lead and all poo picked up), I pick up several items of rubbish dropped and thrown away by the HUMAN animal. These items are invariably in the gutter just waiting to get washed down the stormwater drain and into the ocean. The most common items are takeaway coffee cups and lids, discarded masks, plastic bags and Styrofoam etc. Perhaps Marie could write a letter bemoaning her fellow humans just to be balanced?

Polly, Curl Curl

Cabbage Tree, Anchor Free!

How lucky are we to have Cabbage Tree Bay as our backyard? Can’t think of many cities with a protected marine reserve minutes from the CBD. So why is it that all these yachts are being allowed to moor there on weekends and destroy the place?! We need to move these blow-ins on and reopen the B&B swim lane.

Leo Derrin, Fairlight

1-ply Too lightweight for Number Twos

I want to make a big stink about the useless 1ply toilet paper found in public toilets at one of our major shopping centres. In order to get it to do anything, to serve any purpose, it has to be drawn out of its holder at great length. But then because it is so spineless, so lacking in substance, it cannot be folded and can only be scrunched. This scrunched up wad of paper, finer than a facial tissue, barely sucks up droplets from a Number 1 and fails dismally with squishy blobs of Number 2. The management of this particular shopping centre needs to sample this situation for themselves. Trot out their botts and stop the rot. Being tight-arsed about toilet paper is bad PR. Your public toilets are the bottom line. The buck stops there.

Pamela Mawbey, Brookvale

Save the Freshwater Class Ferries

The current state government appears hell-bent on destroying any evidence left by former state Labor governments: The Entertainment Centre, the football stadium, the Power House Museum, and now the world famous Manly Ferry fleet is under attack. I’m sure if they could get rid of the Opera House, Sydney Harbour and Gladesville Bridges, and Warragamba Dam, they would. All four Freshwater class ferries were laid down by the then Labor Government and built in Newcastle following the mess the Askin Liberal Government left the service in after losing the 1976 election. This government wishes to leave its own mark for the next generation, things such as the 3billion dollar plus Red Snail, trains and buses made in China, a tunnel under Middle Harbour which will make weekend congestion on the Northern Beaches unbearable and a pedestrian bridge over Pittwater Road at Warringah Mall that everyone hates but are all forced to use. And, of course, who could forget, the casino at Barangaroo. Yes, by all means, sign the ‘Save the Manly Ferries’ petition but what we all really need to do is to vote this government out of office at the next state election. Not only will the people of the Northern Beaches thank you but so too will the state's dwindling Koala population. But that’s a story for another day.

Robert, Freshwater

John Smith’s Proposal

Firstly, I’m sorry to the editor of the Tawny Frog that I must respond to the proposal letter, "Fact Check". Fact: Transport does set routes. Fact: Transport can change their minds at any time, as we’ve seen. Fact: on demand buses are a reality. Fact: Opal data is guesswork, not correct, as many times the machines are faulty, tapping on is sporadic, and school kids just don’t tap. Fact: The Tawny Frog is a great new magazine, easily surpassing the efforts of the Manly Daily, as it is prepared to let the issues ride, which brings out the debate without having to bow to a one sided political following. Fact: Maybe John Smith should get his/hers/other, facts right. Last but not least, I thank the Tawny Frog for your non-biased attitude and see a mighty fine future for this magazine. Issues that count.

Artic Fellows, Dee Why

Peninsula Wash Up – Issue 3

I picked up your new magazine for the 1st time and was very interested until I turned to page 6. Such a pity it was such an uninformed opinion piece by Liam Carroll. He states ''Josh, short armed, long pocketed etc ... the Federal government .... why on earth would they choose now to destroy the businesses they've fought so hard to assist?" We've been in the midst of Covid19 since March last year, and he hasn't worked out yet that the December/January LOCKDOWN was instigated and enforced by the NSW State Government; not Josh Frydenberg and Federal Government. Good luck with your editorials. Please do NOT include me on any Subscription list.

Phil Crowe, Freshwater Senior Campus

*Editor’s Note: We don’t think Mr Crowe has seen the film “Chopper”, and at the Tawny Frogmouth we’re not of the Neville Bartos “Here? Cash? No!” mentality, so will gladly shout Phil a copy of the Aussie classic.

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