• Liam Carroll

Peninsula Wash Up: Issue 3, Feb 2021

Treasurer Frydenberg’s Neville Bartos Act Won’t Stand!

Zali Steggall is not going to stop campaigning for Josh Frydenberg to face the reality that the government-mandated closures of Beaches’ businesses in our busiest time of year has been utterly devastating. The impact of having your business forcibly shut for over a fortnight inflicts a drastically more detrimental blow when that fortnight coincides with the one out of 26 fortnights a year where you do the lion’s share of your trading. Try as Josh might to channel the spirit of a fellow short-armed, long-pocketed Melburnian, “Here? Cash? No!” The federal government has never had access to cheaper money than it does now, and to have spent nine months making that money available to hard-hit Australians, why on Earth would they choose now to destroy the businesses they’ve fought so hard to assist?

The Manly Ferries Face a V-Day D-Day

Candy Bingham and her army of Save The Manly Ferries volunteers have done an amazing job in making local voices heard, and it’s fantastic that James Griffin announced the saviour of two green and gold beauties. While it would be nice to rest easy knowing the Freshwater and Collaroy will carry on looking sublime and offering the best harbour crossing service on Earth, the reality is the job’s only half done. Candy’s petition requires 20,000 signatures by Valentine’s Day, otherwise we can kiss the Queenscliff and the Narrabeen adieu, and we will never see State Parliament forced to properly explore the pros and cons of rushing through a plan to remove the Ferries and replace them with Chinese catamarans in the first place. To see this happen, you must sign the petition by 14 February at the very, very latest: www.goodformanly.com.au/ferries

Salacious Media Hatchet Jobs

It’s disappointing, but not altogether surprising, the way clickbait-obsessed media outlets attempt to garner eyeballs by concocting stories that not only never happened but are specifically designed to destroy businesses as well as people’s faith in humanity by instilling a misplaced certainty that the world’s going to hell. The truth at the heart of the Northern Beaches response to the Covid Cluster has been stellar, businesses and individuals alike, in the overwhelming majority, all doing the right thing to stop the spread and abide the rules. So, when one of these hatchet mobs decided to go after a local shop, publishing age-old photos of their overcrowded retail premises from a pre-Covid time, trying to singlehandedly destroy the business in question, as well as paint the Beaches as flouting the Covid rules, it was met with furious, instant and truthful rebuttal. The shop in question had successfully bent over backwards to make all the necessary changes to abide the most up to date health and safety guidelines, drastically reducing the number of customers they could see, while equally drastically increasing the time, effort and cost to provide the service in a socially distanced and sanitized way.

The Office Has a New Dunny!

I’ve travelled the globe, lucky enough to have parked my derriere atop ceramic works of art in the Big Apple, robotic latrines with more buttons than a fighter jet in Tokyo, and saucy pits of chair-less despair in the sweaty back streets of Chennai, and I can proudly report that East Esplanade can now lay claim to housing the most pristine, uplifting and flush-tastic ablutions amenities anywhere in global hemispheres north or south. The Tawny has been ruthless in its reporting of the Beaches’ below par public toiletry offerings, but if The Office’s new dunnies are anything to go by, we’re entering a golden age of great outdoors enjoyment for going number ones and twos. Well done Council.

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