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Peninsula Wash Up: Issue 2, Jan 2021

This is Just Getting Sealy

What’s going on with seals at the moment? Last month a frisky dog was busy chasing one out into the Long Reef ocean as it tried to sunbake. This month Manly Beach has played host to an intrepid little fella, swanning in to chat up the beach volleyball babes, build sandcastles and splash seagulls, assimilating to our local way of life with consummate ease. It’s been great to see this gorgeous creature treated with awe and respect, everyone keeping their distance and letting Sealy have a good old time.

Fire and Rescue Safety for All

Fire and Rescue NSW recently teamed up with Brookvale’s Ability Options at Cromer Community Centre to celebrate International Day of People with Disability and teach the kids valuable lessons in fire safety, as well as give everyone a crack at unleashing the fire hose! The kids were naturals, also able to hop aboard the fire truck and inspect the life-saving wonders inside an ambulance. Seeing Fire and Rescue NSW’s steadfast commitment to ensuring their rescue operations assist absolutely everyone in our society is inspirational, as too Ability Options’ range of services for people of all ages with disability, as well as crucial assistance for carers. To learn more, visit: www.abilityoptions.org.au

Fire & Rescue NSW with Ability Options

The Cubed Revolution

Goodradigbee Distillers may be new on the Northern Beaches, but their R&D program has been ongoing for 5 years. It started in a distillery in Scotland when founder John O’Connor witnessed acres of barrels sitting on concrete, ageing, and thought ‘what a strange business model. All that money tied up in production, unable to be sold.’ From that moment he started to think differently. Goodradigbee matures its three malt spirits, Ironbark Red, Ironbark Yellow and Jarrah, and Sweetwater Gin, in Australian hardwood CUBES - not barrels – accelerating the maturation and imbuing the spirits with a wonderful sweetness and softness. Goodradigbee's process, use of hardwoods and the patent pending cubes are totally unique. See


Sprout Daily Number Crunching

North Steyne’s Murray Fraser, the lubricious lensman behind Sprout Daily’s stunning surf and beach lifestyle pics, has confirmed to The Tawny Frogmouth his 2021 calendar does indeed have an October 11. Muz’s breathtaking 2020 calendar may have showcased the amazing photos his name is synonymous with the world over, however October 11, 2020 was victim of the chop for reasons as yet unverified.

Girls Can’t Surf…? Oh Really

Following on from its official selection at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival, ‘Girls Can’t Surf’ has its Sydney premier at the State Theatre on Sunday Jan 17. This is the true story of the rebellious female surfers from Australia and beyond who took on the male-dominated pro surfing world in a fight for recognition and equality. Featuring pioneering local surf legends Pam Burridge and Layne Beachley, as well Jodie Cooper, Frieda Zamba, Pauline Menczer, Lisa Andersen and Wendy Botha. Steph Gilmore says, “this is an empowering history of badass women.” Go see it! Get tix here: www.sff.org.au

Animal Welfare League, Welcome to the Beaches

In great news for pet lovers, the Animal Welfare League opened a Northern Beaches branch. For over 60 years the AWL has been providing expert care to surrendered, neglected and abandoned companion animals across NSW. It’s great to now have local AWL volunteers dedicated to finding new homes for abandoned animals, as well as education and discount desexing programs. If you're interested in either fostering or adopting some new fur babies, reach out here: www.awlnsw.com.au/northern-beaches/

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