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Peninsula Wash Up: Issue 5, May 2021

Women Owning the Sails

The 26th Manly Yacht Club Women’s Challenge was held on 27 and 28 March, attracting competitors from 12-80years of age, and from eight Sydney yacht clubs of Manly, Balmain, Cronulla and Harbours both Sydney and Middle. The two days had yachts competing in all size ranges from the Hansa 303’s through to 52ft Keelboats. Juniors through to seniors, all onboard! The light breezes meant teams with local knowledge of the harbourside hills’ canny ability to deflect gentle draughts could take advantage with the full availability of wind in their sails. Everyone was a winner, but it was indeed Nicola Wakefield Evans of the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron who skippered ‘Whistling Kite’ to victory in Division 1, and Wendy Tuck of CYCA skippering ‘Pacatak’ to first place in Division 2.

Manly women zig-zagging the high seas. Photo: Margaret Fraser-Martin.

Manly Ferries: The Fight Goes on…What Next?

According to Cr Candy Bingham the campaign continues to save all four Manly Ferries. Information on how these classic ferries can be converted to electric, and major concerns emerging about the inferior quality and defects found in the proposed replacement Emerald Class ferries, is now the focus of the grass-roots campaign. A paper has been prepared by Fmr Global Senior Vice President of Det Norske Veritas (DNV), the world's largest global Marine Classification Society and Fmr Chief Engineer, Merchant Navy, Andrew Westwood. Andrew's paper sets out examples from all over the world of how similar double-ended ferries have successfully been converted to electric, while slashing operating costs. In the meantime, major concerns have been raised about the poor quality of the new Emerald Class ferries, built in China, which are to replace the Classic Freshwater ferries. So far, 80 defects have been recorded including that every window needs to be replaced. The hull, which is very thin, is also raising alarms. "If they are anything like the Rivercats built in Indonesia which arrived seven months ago containing asbestos and won't fit safely under two Parramatta bridges, then buyer beware. Those 10 ferries were scheduled to operate from the middle of last year but are yet to be approved for service, with testing crews warning they can stall when put into reverse during emergency stops." Candy Bingham said.

Col Rowland Hangs up the Togs

With the 50year storm ravaging Sydney on Saturday 20 March, Queenscliff Amateur Swimming Club had no choice but to abandon its planned farewell to 83year old President, Col Rowland, after 43years in the role. The lagoon was raging 40m wide and the idyllic Queenscliff rockpool made a washing machine look serene, leaving no choice but to save the date for another time. Col, who was afraid of the water until age 10 when bullies shoved him into Merewether baths only for a priest to pull him out, has since devoted his life to swimming, and we thank him for his tireless commitment.

Scottish Country Dancing

You don’t have to be Scottish, or like kilts, haggis or Billy Connolly, but it will certainly be looked upon favourably, when you rock up to the Scottish Country Dancing Group that meets in Warriewood every Thursday from 2-4pm. Be sure to bring $5, wear soft comfortable shoes and feel free to bung on an accent as you partake in great exercise and non-stop, toe-tapping, hip-twirling fun for men and women. To get involved call Noreen on 0413 033 526

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