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Stow's Jackfruit Tacos with Cashew Cream & Tomato Salsa

This dish goes out to the ‘no meat Monday crew’ at the Stow. It’s vegan, moreish and a crowd fave. Pair it with a freshly shaken Jalapeño Margie delivered to your door by the Stow’s delivery team.

Ingredients (Feeds 4)


2 Tins of jackfruit

½ Brown onion

4 x Cloves of garlic

2x Coriander stalks

50ml Vege oil

1 tbls Paprika powder

1 tbls Cumin powder

100ml Chipotle bbq sauce

1 tsp Sea salt

200ml Water

50ml Lime juice

Cashew Cream

500gms Raw cashews

100ml Lime juice

70ml Agave syrup

1 tsp Paprika

2 tsp Onion powder

2 tsp Garlic powder

Tomato Salsa

6 Tomatoes

½ Spanish onion

2 Bunches coriander

100ml Lime juice

50ml White vinegar

1 tsp Sea salt

Shell Options

Gluten-Free Corn Tortilla 5/6inch.

Flour Tortillas 5/6inch

Lettuce Cups [YUM! Think Mexican Sang Choi Bao]


1. Strain jackfruit and wash with fresh water

2. Dice onion, garlic, coriander stalks

3. Add vege oil to pot on high heat, add garlic, coriander stems and jackfruit.

4. Caramelise till onion is golden in colour.

5. Add the lime juice, paprika, cumin and salt and stir through. Finally, add the water and Chipotle bbq sauce and stir through.

6. Pop the mix on a low heat and let that bad boy simmer for 20 mins.

7. Mash with whisk when done. Boom.

8. Last but not least, Assemble to your taste!

Recipe by Stowaway