• Liam Carroll

The Peg Revolution

In the Land Down Under, we take our decks very seriously, and from time to time, when the Hills Hoist is chocker block, we must turn to our ever reliable deck’s handrails to bear the damp added brunt of excess dirty washing. Only, there’s one small but infuriating problem; how to fasten the wet wash to the wide rails so they don’t float off into the ether during the drying process? Luckily, Bilgola’s Jonathan Cramer has a Fatmouth solution.

G’day Jonathan. Where’d the inspiration come from to create a thumping massive peg that can wrap its hungry fat mouth around basically everything?

I’ve always been very active and supportive in my kids activities, especially on the sporting field, and this led me to the revered role of Newport Junior Rugby Club (Breakers) laundry man. Surprisingly, I didn’t have to compete with anyone for this prestigious position. It was a fairly straightforward task, gathering up the soiled jerseys at the end of a game, taking them home, washing them, returning the following game and handing them out spick and span. But with a family of 5, the clothesline was constantly full. I had to spread sheets, towels and Breakers jerseys on the handrails to dry, only to find the slightest breeze would waft them into the mud or the tick and leech infested bush below. Scratching around in the leaf litter, I found old towels and swimmers rotting away in the vegetation too. “This is rubbish”, literally, but then, “Eureka, I’ve got it!” I marvelled to myself, “I need a big peg to hold these in place on the rails!” I searched online, as well as in various hardware shops, all to no avail. So, I made my own.

How did you progress from your big peg notion to actually producing these newfangled, girth-accommodating clamps?

The fundamental idea is to be able to attach items to handrails, and railings in general, whatever’s needed, grip onto any surface you want, but first things first, I did some measurements. For my deck, I needed a peg to expand over a 145mm merbau handrail. I then popped round to check my neighbour’s measurements. His handrails were 60mm stainless steel tubing. I realised 2 sizes would be perfect, one big peg, and one really, really, really big peg. And after the first few prototypes, I realised Fatmouth isn’t a conventional clothes peg, it’s much bigger, meaning there’s a huge potential customer base; campers, divers, fellow laundry enthusiasts, the elderly, 4WD’ers, horticulturalists, builders, yachtees, basically anyone who needs to peg or clip something to something else.

How are you now progressing with transforming your product into a business?

I’ve done the crash course in setting everything up for online sales. I’ve also been really lucky to have had great support from local businesses; Mitre10, Road Tech Marine (RTM) and the What’s Cooking shops. But it’s tough going, doing everything on my own, keeping a tired bloodshot eye on the cash flowing out, staying positive. But when I do make a sale, I celebrate with a little Fatmouth dance, that helps me through, great exercise too.

How can Tawny readers support the Fatmouth Peg Revolution?

Buy the best, biggest, fattest, mouthiest peg on the market, Fatmouth, and help a Newport Breakers laundry man make his mark in this world.

Buy your Fatmouth peg at www.fatmouth.com.au and follow them on Facebook.


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