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Wisemans Surf Lodge

Updated: Feb 13

December 5, 2015, 6:35am: In the dawn mist of a landlocked, abandoned, California waterski cable park Kelly Slater rubs his hands together, beholding the greatest man-made wave the planet’s ever seen. 7:05am: the 11x World Surfing Champion and Baywatch thespian strokes into the first perfect wave of the day in chocolate water straight from Charlie’s factory, gliding down the line in an endless run of flawless tubes and walls of cutback heaven.

Artist depiction of Wisemans Surf Lodge

Jump ahead five years, December 2020: John Du Vernet, Manly father of four, a Winki barrel pig from back in the day before careers and family duties took hold, and a Northern Beaches team of frothing futurists are creating the Wisemans Surf Lodge, the most electrifying development in Sydney surfing since 1981 when North Narrabeen’s Simon Anderson waltzed down to 15foot Bells and nonchalantly showed the world how to thrust.

In amongst the lush green backdrop of the Hawkesbury and on a base of crystal clear aqua, the Wisemans Surf Lodge development is based around a central utopia - a wave pool the size of 4 football fields which will generate 2.5m A-frame waves on the outer peak for intermediate to advanced surfers, and that fluid energy will be refracted into a secondary peak that creates 1.25m A-frame peaks for beginner surfers to ride all the way to shore.

This specific location, an hour from the CBD and 45minutes by boat from Palm Beach, has been carefully selected for a very good reason; wind, or lack thereof. Having been forced like so many Sydney schoolkids to venture out to Wisemans Ferry for camps and gruelling treks of alleged self-discovery, John and his team were privy to crucial intel; there’s no wind at Wisemans Ferry. Thanks to a series of cliffs and gorges, the same place that made summer camps a near death experience with hopes of a cooling breeze nigh on impossible turns out to be one of the world’s best placed valleys for glassed-off surfing nirvana.

Not content to rest on immaculate waves alone, Wisemans Surf Lodge will be surrounded by a 9-hole golf course, 54 hotel suites, a restaurant, bar, and conference facilities, able to offer surfer and non-surfer an idyllic domestic escape to the natural beauty of the region.

The Wisemans Surf Lodge team equate the evolution of perfect wave-generation technology with Averill Harriman’s 1936 invention of the chair lift, transforming skiing from an activity confined to the ultra-keen, ultra-fit devotees content to hike snow-capped mountains for a single downhill ride, and bringing it to the masses, allowing the removal of arduous uphill slogs, replacing it with pure downhill joy, and creating a mammoth ski resort industry in the process.

We’ll have to wait until 2022 to see the Surf Lodge truly come to life and start pumping waves. We’ll also have to wait until 2021 for details to be revealed of the membership model being put in place for access to the wave garden. Sydney surfers know how rare it is for all the conditions to coalesce and allow us to ride perfect waves close to home. Utilising technology to make flawless waves an on-demand, nearby reality…thank you!

Register your interest at www.wisemans.surf


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